MR. K CHANDRASHEKHAR RAO, ( Hon’ble Chief Minister - Govt of Telangana. )

I congratulate DICCI for having organised the DICCI expo. I have always felt that there is a enormous power within Dalits in India that needs to untapped. To encourage Dalit entrepreneurs the Government of Telangana is taking many progressive steps. The Industrial Policy designed is probably the best in the country and most Dalit-friendly.
Recently we have passed an act in assembly on single window policy for easy setting up of industries in the state. This could be the best single window policy. The Telangana Industries department's website will host all the application forms. These forms can be downloaded and the same can be emailed to the Industries department.After scrutiny of the application, the Government will invite and will receive the applicant Industrialist at the airport. The necessary paper work and documentation will be taken care by the department. Within 15 days’ time the potential investor will be given the necessary approvals for starting the industry.
With regards to encouraging Dalits, the Government will sanction one acre of land and provide a grant of Rs. 5 crores for setting up of Incubation centre. To overcome the issues of margin money and loan availability, the Government of Telangana will arrange themoney or will providing the funding directly to Dalit Entrepreneurs.
I feel elated that Dalit community is seeking connections and not concessions. The Government is committed in its support to Dalits. We have instructed the Government officials to encourage Dalit Entrepreneurs in all the departments. We have also planned to encourage 200 contractors from Dalit Community with a priority of allotment of works. The Government will provide necessary support in giving them contracts/ projects of all the Departments.
I strongly believe that Dalits have to represent in all walks of life and Dalit entrepreneurs are second to none. In the state of Telangana the sky is the limit for Dalit entrepreneurs and I request the Dalits from other states to invest in Telangana and we will welcome you with open arms by extending the same benefits given to Dalits in Telangana. We have taken a decision to allocate 22% of Industrial land for Dalit Entrepreneurs.
To conclude, I am extremely happy to see Dalit entrepreneurs showing so much of enthusiasm. I will make compulsory for DICCI to be present in all the meetings of Telangana along with FICCI, CII and other organisations. I congratulate all the members who organised this meeting.

NEERMALA SEETHARAMAN ( Hon'ble Minister for Commerce and Industry, Government of India. )

I am inspired to be associated with DICCI that is doing great work for the development of Dalits. Dalit entrepreneurship is exhibiting great diversity. The success has been a result of efforts and spirit despite being under centuries of the discrimination. I fully appreciate DICCI for making great efforts in promoting the cause of Dalits.
I believe the motto of “Job givers and not job seekers” is being fulfilled. Representing the Govt. of India as a minister, I assure maximum possible support to the initiatives taken up by DICCI. Social and financial inclusion is very well taken. An issue of concern is providing collateral for credit and we from the Govt. of India fully understand the peculiar and unique problems faced by Dalit Entrepreneurs regarding their issues of credit and connections.
The new Procurement Policy mandates 20% should be sourced from the SMEs and 20% of the 20% from the Dalit Entrepreneurs which will be effective from 1st April 2015. The state of Telangana is better placed to provide the best support to the Dalits. I request DICCI to focus on developing women entrepreneurs among SC/ST community. I also request the Indian Industry to voluntarily to support SC/ST’s entrepreneurs by providing dealerships, vendor opportunities and any other opportunities so that the inequalities are eliminated.


"What I have noticed from the influx we are having from various communities, the Dalit community people do have a greater sense of loyalty and they work harder to prove themselves. This attitude has been and it is very commendable that they are saying that we have been neglected for so long, now you are giving us an opportunity, we will do better. Better than others."

MRS. ANU AGA ( Ex-Chairperson, Thermax Ltd. - Social worker )

“I want to begin by congratulating DICCI and this exposition. It gives me great pleasure that it is for the first time, where industry & the Dalit Group have collaborated together. At the same time it makes me very sad that it has taken over 60 years for such a thing to happen. Why should we wait for 60 Years? I belong to a community where we have no caste system and I find it difficult that human beings distinguish between each other based on where they were born and not on merits. I hope very soon we are able to get rid of it and we all deal with each other as human beings.”


“Being a Dalit myself I know the fear and hesitation one faces. This is not the place to go into the humiliation faced by the Dalits in India. You, Dalit entrepreneurs have broken the barrier and I congratulate you. One must jump into the water and learn to swim. No one can now stop the march of history which you are creating. It is a historic achievement to create an institution which starts with the name - Dalit. We keep on creating reservations but this is a very significant event when a Dalit institution enters the open world of industry. To succeed further, Dalit entrepreneurs must think of which are the new emerging industries and get into them.”


"A schedule caste and schedule tribe plan was proposed 35 years ago in India yet it was not implemented. But now there is a drive to implement that plan. A committee has been constituted for the same. The entire budget for Social Justice and Empowerment was only Rs 2200 crore. I am happy to tell you that now it has been upgraded by 80%. This clearly shows that government is very keen on implementing the programs they have announced earlier. “


“Today in Pune we are signing the second Pune Pact. The first Pune Pact was historic because Dalits and non-Dalits sat at the same negotiating table but on that occasion there was a lot of pressure on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar so the pact remained disputed. On today's historic occasion the participation is voluntary. Till now the drive of most of the young Dalits was to become an employee but a new wave has arisen wherein Dalits want to become employers. Now there will be a new kind of drive - competition for employment and competition to become and employer.”

Ramdas Aathvale (Member of Rajya Sabha)

“Each entrepreuner should inspire atleast two entrepreuners. They should set up units in MIDC's and churn out quality products. I appeal to Government to provide land and capital to these budding entrepreuners".

Adi godrej (Chairman of Godrej Group, Chairman of Indian School of Business)

“dalit enrepreuners need to be encouraged. Companies need to come forward and help them. they should take it up as a CSR activity. If these entrepreneurs get the right kind of support and encouragement, we will see a huge growth momentum in the next three-five years. I am not for any Kind of reservation. There should be affirmatives action and not reservations. If we want to encourage dalit entrepreneurs and provide jobs to the community people, then reservation will not help.”

Sharad Pawar (Member Rajya Sabha, Former Agriculture Minister of GOI)

“There is a need to formulate a separate policy, which will protect the interest of the weaker sections of the society. We need to encourage young dalit entrepreuners, who will come forward and provide jobs to ten of thousands of members of the weaker sections of our society.".

Ratan Tata (Chairman emeritus, Tata Sons - Chairman, Tata Trust)

“We should all assist in letting small enterprises, especially those from the dalit community, to become big and global enterprises. Everyone in the country should help the young entrepreneurs and help them share the prosperity of the country. We all should assist the small enrepreneurs, especially those from dalit community to become global players, I am happy to endorse and support the cause of the dalit entrepreuners.”

Shivajirao Moghe (Ex Social Justice Minister)

“DICCI is historical step in indian history to elevate the dalit community. The Goverment of Maharashtra is ready to support of all DICCI's Activities. We are very happy that have organised a conference on the opportunities in vidarbha. This conference will boost the economic development of this region and further assist in the economic inclusion of the dalit community”.

Vinod Tawde (Minister of Higher & Technical Education, Marathi bhasha cultural affairs, govt. of maharashtra)

“Dicci has taken an initiative unseen in our history. previously, business occurring in every village were seen but not certified . Today, things are different, Every Entrepreneur has the ability and skill yet we lack the certification from the govt.- impeding our legitymacy in the eyes of big business. We want these indivisual to come under the preview of the ITI and be allowes training. They should distinguish themselves through there work and access this certification. from recognition comes success, and from this success comes Empowerment.”

Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar (former Director General of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR))

“It has been great privilege and honour to have been invited to visit this exhibition and to work around it. I understand this is the first time such efforts has been taken to demonstrate the Creativity, Innovation and enterprise of our Dalit brothers. Showing and showcasing the talent of our Dalit brothers. I like to congratulate the organizers, DICCI, for this brilliant exhibition.
What interest me most was the kind of diversity of areas in which there have been stalls the kind of quality of products that they were able to demonstrate most importantly the ambition of growth.”.

Digvijay Singh (Member Rajyasabha, Former Chief minister of Madhyapradesh)

“Today i am delighted that this dream of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, to constitutionally endcaste discrimination is becoming reality. The SC/ST community has faced hundreds of the year of injustice. atrocity and discrimination and today we are bringing an end to that. In Madhya Pradesh, We pioneered the supply chain diversity model, a model that has helped in the economic empowerment of thousands of SC/ST individuals in the state. ”

K. Sankaranarayanan (Governor of Maharashtra)

“I believe that this initiative has the potential to transform-not only the people-but also the region of vidarbh and our state. and Idea of having a chamber of commerce floated by Dalit entrepreneurs itself is commendable. I would like to single out Mr. Milind Kamble. The Chairman and other founding fathers of this organization for creating this platform. It marks a significant step towards the economic empowerment of the Dalits, not by others, but by the Dalit themselves. I liked the motto of this organization. "Be Job Givers, Not Job Seekers”. The tag line has the potential to fire the imagination of the entire young generation. I think this line should become the motto of emerging India.

Mukul Wasnik (Former Minister of social justice and Empowerment GOI)

“DICCI had added new chapter in history as it is attempting to empower Dalit comminity. A new revolution has been signalled. The oportunities in public Sectors had taken a beating with the growth of privatization. DICCI member must grab the existing opportunities with both hands. As per promises made by the chairperson of UPA Government Sonia Gandhi. New scheme were being designed for the welfare of SC & ST people. Under the public Procurement Policy. Government departments and PSUs were forced to set Procurement goal of minimum 20% of the total annual purchase of the products of services produced or renderd by Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). Out of 20% target of annual procurement MSEs. a sub target of 4%"

Nitin Gadkari (Minister of Road, Shipping & Transport)

“Dalit entrepreneurs must be confident that they can alter the society and become a torch-bearer of this new revolution. There are some people who convert problems into opportunities and those who convert opportunities in problems. If DICCI member wants to achieve success, they must remember three things- leadership, Positive attitude and knowledge. Dalit's instead of chasing for their own emplyoment, must provide employment to others - I appreciate DICCI's slogan of '"Be Job Givers, Not Job Seekers.' "

Shri. Vijay Sampla (Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. I)

I am whatever today because of Babasaheb Ambedkar. I had very humble beginnings from being a labourer in Saudi Arabia to becoming what I am today. I had very good experience working in Saudi Arabia where the company owner taught me vital lesson on hard work and this inspired to scale heights in my career.
In the way I feel DICCI is an inspiration to many Dalits Entrepreneurs in the country. I congratulate Milind Kamble and his DICCI team in empowering all Dalits Entrepreneurs. I also feel with commitment and dedication you can achieve many things. DICCI has proven that if there is merit and talent you can go places. Dalits have been in forefront in India since ages, from writing Ramayana and Mahabharat to protecting the borders. Dalits have never been involved in any corruption scandals. We have started a Venture Capital for Dalits and DICCI contributed its might in framing this policy.